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TarGett International Sales & Marketing Co.


Company Profile

TarGett International Sales & Marketing Co. based at New Delhi, India is a company where the entire team is focus to deliver the most effective solution to a requirement in terms of technology and capital cost.

Our commitment to product and solution combined with R&D enables TarGett International to have the range and capability to provide reliable, flexible and cost-effective Spare Parts & Solutions globally. 

With its main strength from the in-house expertise in the following areas, TarGett International now is recognised world wide as ONE STOP SOLUTION for every industry needs:

A. Supply of Original & Genuine Spare Parts.

B. Supply of Tailored and Engineered Parts. 

In a short span of time, TarGett International is able to build multiple joint ventures thus creating a vast vendor base which has enhanced our offerings to right requirement to our customers.

With its main focus on QUALITY & TIMELY DELIVERY, TarGett International never comprises with plant site requirements as it very well understands its impact. 

Why TarGett ??

As a customer of TarGett International, you get efficient service and comprehensive range of products. Benefits realized by your procurement team are manifold once you make the deal.

With the feedback received from our clients in past, we have been able to summarize the advantages of awarding orders to TarGett:

  • We aim to aid plant management in reducing the inventory cost by significant sum with our decision making solutions where we present the alternate solutions from 3 vendors minimum.
  • Single Point of Accountability for Cement, Oil & Gas and Power Plants.
  • Along with OEM’s spare parts we also provide Fabricated & Tailored Equipment (Drawing required).
  • One Contract and One Invoice – We take care of everything with DDP terms (Door Delivery Duty Paid).
  • Quality that you can trust blindfolded.
  • Vast range of products.

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